SavageFantastic the Phalangite (level 27, 268/268 HPs)
  Began as a Minotaur Fighter on June 18, 2018.
  Was a High Priest of Okawaru.
  Escaped with the Orb
  ... and 3 runes!

  The game lasted 03:06:16 (57705 turns).

This Minotaur Fighter of Okawaru was the first win on my road to GoodPlayer.

With a handful of ascensions under my belt before beginning the YAVProject, and a new YouTube channel to populate with content, I decided to roll a Minotaur Fighter for an easy(ish) first YAVP win. I tab through the early dungeon and decide to worship Okawaru, a straightforward martial god.

Although I'm worshipping Okawaru, it is FloorGod who grants me the powerful +7 halberd of Circularity {chop, rElec, rPois, Dex+3}, putting me on cruise control into Lair, at the bottom of which lies a set of pearl dragon scales, virtually guaranteeing my win.

After tabbing down Orc and the late dungeon, a scroll of acquirement grants the randart +7 large shield of Royalty {rC++ Dex+6}. It's too good to ignore, so I drop my 2H weapons and equip Royalty with an electric demon trident.

Swamp melted beneath me and Spider Nest might have done the same, but I was banished to the Abyss by Louise. Undeterred, I happened upon an abyssal rune vault and valiantly fought my way to the rune, where I then forgot to actually pick up the rune before an Abyssal teleport yoinked me out of the vault. I fruitlessly sunken-costed Abyss:3 for a bit before returning to my original game plan, annihilating Louise, the Spider Nest, the early Vaults, and Depths.

By now I'm rolling in every essential resistance and geared past the hilt. I scroll of immolationed the Vaults:$ entrance and then got cocky, throwing javelins at Vault denizens as they encroached upon me. A vault warden sealed the stairs shut as I was surrounded, and a cautious early scroll of teleportation could not stop massive incoming spike damage, which caused the only truly frightening part of the game. Luckily, I was able to tuck into a nearby corridor and weather the storm. By the time I took the silver rune for my third, my resistances were growing resistances of their own.

Zot was the easiest it has ever been. I took the Orb without a fuss and waltzed out of the dungeon.

All-in-all, this was the smoothest game I've ever played, partially owing to the early artifact halberd and pearl dragon scales, but primarily to the species/background/god combination. MiFi^Oka was my first unrecorded 3-rune win and MiFi^Oka^TSO as my first unrecorded 15-rune win; these days I only play it when I'm bored of losing with everything else. I strongly recommend MiFi^Oka to anyone seeking their first win; I think it is even more beginner friendly than MiBe^Trog.