SavageFantastic the Wrestler (level 27, 87/227 HPs)
  Began as a Troll Fighter on June 19, 2018.
  Was the Champion of Qazlal.
  Escaped with the Orb
  ... and 3 runes!

  The game lasted 03:35:51 (63107 turns).

This Troll Fighter of Qazlal was my first ever Qazlal win, and was streaked off of my MiFi^Oka -- my first ever streak!

I roll a Troll because TROLL and I choose the Fighter background so I can start with a shield. Before the game even starts I am excited about the possibility of streaking; I find that speaking my gameplay and "try-harding" for the video recording led me to safer, more intelligent play, and I am confident.

I impulsively worship Qazlal from a D:2 altar. I've never won with the god or even played it much, but want to experiment with invocations as my hydra-killer. Almost immediately afterward I happen upon the +11 plutonium sword {*Contam Stlth-} -- a +11 triple sword. Though sorely, sorely tempted to build my game entirely around this silly weapon, I make the proper choice -- the try-hard choice -- and drop it to the ground. This troll is do or die claws, all day erryday.

I'm lucky to find a troll leather armour on D:11, just before entering Lair, but even more interesting are the ring "Fanik" {rCorr rN+ SInv} and the ring "Openac" {*Corrode rF++ rC+ MR+}. These rings completely cover my pips for Zot before I've even entered the Lair, and I can feel the streak in my bones. (I then spend the rest of the early/mid-game struggling to use the more immediately relevant +6 ring of evasion in place of these artifacts...)

Lair:1 has three hydras! My piety and invocations are too low for Qazlal to serve as my hydra killer this early, but with wands and consumables I am able to take them down. On Lair:3 I meet an eight-headed hydra and by then I am able to kill it with three casts of Upheaval. On Lair:6 I learn that Disaster Area is awesome and Qazlal is quickly becoming a new preferred god.

I'm beginning to fear for incoming spike damage while wearing my troll leather armour in the late dungeon and Orcish Mines, but a bailey yields a scroll of acquirement which nets us the +4 shadow dragon scales "Yxkeomec" {rPois MR+ Int+2 Stlth++++}. Wearing this armour, the Qazlal worshipping troll actually has a single positive pip of stealth!

In Swamp:$ I have a very close call with an enormous slime creature but when I learn that they're affected by scrolls of fear, it's not so close after all. I equip an amulet of faith because I've learned that Qazlal's invocations are expensive.

I uneventfully conquer Vaults:1-4 and Snake Pit, and by now Qazlal is super duper crazy fun.

I clear Depths and enter a Ziggurat, where I complete six easy levels before making a mature decision to exit before it gets hard, because I already have all of the items I need to beat the game. I use the scroll of immolation strategy on Vaults:$ and have an extended close call that almost turns me off of ever doing Vaults:$ again. Still, I survive, grab my third rune, and dump all of my scrolls of enchant armour into a new gold dragon scales.

I clear the Elven Halls because my character is powerful enough and I have enough magic resistance that it is super low risk, and nets some extra experience before entering Zot.

In Zot, I proceed cautiously and carefully, and eventually ascend with the Orb. My first streak!

Qazlal is a fun, fun, fun god, and although I believe Okawaru is by far the dominant melee god, Qazlal is an effective alternative. I certainly want to try more tabdudes of Qazlal, as well as characters who use invocation with other gods (Mak, Zin, Ely, Nem) for their backup killdude.

Spoiler: I quickly splatted my next character, so my first streak ever ended at two.