SavageFantastic the Slayer (level 27, 149/246 (247) HPs)
  Began as a Merfolk Gladiator on June 20, 2018.
  Was the Champion of Ashenzari.
  Escaped with the Orb
  ... and 3 runes!

The game lasted 03:57:47 (101509 turns).

This Merfolk Gladiator of Ashenzari played quite straightforwardly until FloorGod gave me all or my end-game resistances in one single item -- the +3 Elemental Staff {rElec rF++ rC++ MR++ AC+5}. I had been training evocations all game and I've long wanted to use a elemental staff as my killdude -- how could I say no to the elemental staff?!

The trident-wielding Merfolk Gladiator was a comfort pick, chosen to continue easing myself into the GreaterPlayer series. Polearm is my favorite martial start because 1) I know for a fact I will be able to melee a hydra before Lair and 2) I don't have to chase bats around.

Ashenzari was another comfort pick. I really enjoy the passive skill boost as well as the monster sense, even though I rarely use her boost to venture into spell schools. I also enjoy cursing items onto my character, and the roleplay contribution of committing to items as my gear.

An early scroll of acquirement grants me a flaming bardiche in the Lair and with Ashenzari's help I can use it immediately. The game turns easy-mode and I'm truly in my comfort zone. Late dungeon and the Orcish Mines are easy; Swamp is easy; Snake Pit is easy; early Vaults are easy and I'm leaning on the tab key, although my HP does dip as I am continuing to get a feel for meleeing with lighter armor (swamp dragon scales).

It bears mentioning that much of this playthrough is done in silence, because I feel strangely speaking into a microphone, to no one in particular, while in the company of another person.

I found the Elemental Staff in Depths and equipped it immediately, largely out of excitement that I was playing a character for whom it was almost perfectly appropriate. For the newness of it, I played slowly and carefully through Depths, but it was certainly adequate to every task.

In Vaults:$ I actually do a traditional stairdance through most of the welcoming committee before a Vault Warden arrives to lock the gates. I teleport into a quadrant and have a much nicer time than in my two previous V:$ performances, where my scrolls of immolation woke the entire floor.

As has been my habit, I did some low-risk Ziggurat floors before Zot.

In Zot, I found that I absolutely was not strong enough to reliably melee an Orb of Fire with the Elemental Staff, even hasted. Thankfully I had 27 Evocations (with Ash's help) and a stack of consumables to see me through. I made it all the way down, and all the way back up, for my third GoodPlayer win.

In another perfect confluence of events, I would use the Elemental Staff again, but if I had otherwise any decent resistances available to me, I would have stuck with my bardiche. Orbs of Fire were simply too tanky against the staff, and by ascension I had only enough consumables to kill perhaps two more. (Admittedly, I had already killed nine, which seems like quite a large amount in a single game!) Prior to Orbs of Fire, the Elemental Staff was quite fun and well effective. And I felt super cool.